Friday, December 1, 2006

Christmas letter 2006

Merry Christmas! We hope that this finds you and your families happy and healthy and with all of your shopping finished. 

We are well. Zachary is almost four, and, though Bella is not quite two, she’s definitely in the throws of the terrible twos already. Zachary is in a 3-morning a week preschool program, and he loves it. It’s actually the same preschool that Heather’s sisters went to, and it’s accredited, which we didn’t even know was possible. Next year, he’ll go to the same preschool but 5 mornings a week. We thought about sending him to kindergarten but with having such a late birthday decided that we would never regret him being one of the oldest, tallest and smartest kids in his class!  Bella is the most hyper little girl I’ve ever met, but she still enjoys being cuddled, so for the time being, she’s still our baby. She is already very opinionated and will copy anything that Zachary does… she knows how to count to ten as well as almost all of the phonics and letters.

Joey is still working for CSC. He is also holding a vote for a new NFL team to root for because the Browns are hopeless. Heather is consulting part-time for Do-Re-Me & You!, a line of products for children, and she is also involved with two Moms groups. A maid service is on her Christmas wishlist. Heather is also sponsoring a new member at church this year, and Heather and Joey also have a once-a-month bible study with other young couples from church. It’s nice to have time away from the kids sometimes!

We went to Niagara Falls on vacation this year, and it turned out to be a great place for young kids. I think the kids’ favorite part, though, was stopping at Sesame Place in Philadelphia on the way back. We also vacationed in Nags Head with Heather’s family in October instead of Virginia Beach as we had done the past couple of years… the beach is great in the off season!

Please have a safe and joyous holiday season (and drop us a line soon!).

Love and God bless,
Joey, Heather, Zachary, and Bella

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