Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New York City: Day 3

Today was the day B had waited for for a LONG time... we were finally going to American Girl. Unfortunately (for her), we were going to take in views of the city from the Top of the Rock first.

We went into the city and ate a quick breakfast at Cucina and Co. at the bottom of Rockefeller Center. Luckily, we were early enough in line for the Top that we didn't have to wade through the hundreds of people that we've encountered at the Empire State Building in previous trips. Hurrah! The kids were goofy at the top, experimenting with binoculars, making crazy faces, and enjoying a room where lights follow you around as you move (even A didn't want to leave that).

After coming back to earth, we went to the Plaza just on the off chance that Hoda and Kathy Lee were outside. They weren't. We went across to see the summer version of the skating rink area and finally gave B her due.

She and I went with A and my mom to the American Girl Store, where she immediately started looking for hers (long, straight blond hair with bangs and blue eyes). There wasn't one of the floor, so she had to wait to pick it up at checkout. Lucky for me, she was a good sport about that. We hunted down dolls for A and my nieces, and B picked out a dog (aptly named Coconut, for the only fruit she likes) for her doll.

While we were there, J took Z to FAO Schwartz, which I thought I remembered was in that area, past St. Patrick's Cathedral. Oops. It was further, but the boys were pretty fast. Z enjoyed the floor piano and scored a new Lego game.

After a quick lunch, we checked out the Pompeii exhibit at the Discovery Museum. The kids enjoyed the videos and the art mosaics the most, and YAY, there was a Cake Boss Cafe at the end, so we had a little taste (haha) of what to expect when we go to Carlo's on Friday.

We let the kids have an early swim back at the hotel, as we planned to see the Smurfs movie in the evening. Unfortunately, when we got there, the projector was on the fritz, so the showing wouldn't be until 9:20. I know it's vacation, but there's no way I was going to let them stay up that late. So, after promises of seeing it at home ASAP and an ice cream cone, it was pretty much a day.

I'm going to miss New York.

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