Friday, December 7, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

I can never believe how much the kids change in one year.

December 2011:

October 2012 (I've barely taken pictures the past two months!):

We're spending this December as we have the past few, with a special treat or activity each day that we wouldn't normally do the rest of the year. Today was a surprise Mass (LOL)... because I nearly forgot it was a holy day.

The kids are still very involved in activities, but we try to find lots of downtime for them also. Our one instrument/one sport per season rule helps. Zachary and Bella are both still playing piano and swimming in the winter and summer. Bella plays soccer in the spring and has Girl Scouts during the school year. Zachary has played (and really loved!) baseball in the spring and fall. He's outside practicing with Joey about every other day and has come light years from where he started a year ago. Annie is going to start dance and gymnastics after the new year. She still wishes she could do everything Z&B do, though. Zachary and Bella are amazing students and have had nearly perfect report cards every quarter. Learning is fairly natural to both, for which we are grateful!

Heather is still busy with PTO activities at school and has just started working from home on a very part-time basis, but it allows for the kids' routine to stay the same! Joey is still at his same job (he's a lifer!) and coached both Zachary and Bella at different points during the year. He can also be found quite often with a timer in his hand at swim meets.

We loved traveling to the Southeastern U.S. states this past summer. Next August, we're off to Michigan!

Wishing you lots of love and peace at this lovely time of year!

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