Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas letter 2007

Merry Christmas and happy (almost) 2008!

We have had a busy year. Joey is still working for CSC and excited that his sports teams have been doing so well! Heather is working a day or so a week at a scrapbooking store just for fun to finance her expensive habit. The cards that she sells are really starting to take off (already stocked in one boutique with hopefully more to come), which is exciting. She is still involved with her Moms groups, one of which she produces the monthly newsletter for. Never one to allow a dull moment, she taken on the responsibilities of secretary of the church pastoral council, organizing the children’s church program, and reviewing applications for a catechist certification program.

Our new reader and EX-thumb sucker, Zachary, now goes to preschool five mornings a week and takes Tae Kwon Do and piano lessons. He wants to play soccer in the spring, so he’ll have to temporarily stop TKD because Heather doesn’t aspire to be a chauffeur.

Bella is still at home with Heather, but she comes to the Moms group meetings to play with other kids and has a gymnastics class once a week.

Continuing our goal of the kids seeing all 50 states and 7 continents before they turn 18, we had a 10-day vacation in June where we drove out to St. Louis, up to Minneapolis, and through Chicago and Cleveland. Sadly, Heather’s grandfather passed away while we were gone, but she was very glad that she was able to spend time with him in March. We also took the kids to their first VT football game in September (very bittersweet since it was our first time there since the horrific April 16) and spent a long October weekend at Emerald Isle, NC with Heather’s extended family in October.

We can’t wait to hear your yearly updates. Be safe and well.

Wishing you peace,
Joey, Heather, Zachary, and Bella

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