Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 1 - Richmond to Montreal

(this year's posts written by J)

We are back to blog about another exciting vacation. This year's trip takes us to Montreal and all of the New England states. Z & B will add a number of new states and a new Canadian province this time. Also, we are delighted to have H's mom join us for the travels this year. Now that the introduction is out of the way, let's take a look at day 1, shall we?

The title of the post is correct. We drove from Richmond to Montreal in one day. Pretty impressive, eh? 700 plus miles (2300 kilometres is the rough conversion) of driving excitement for J & H. We left at 3:30 AM and arrived in Montreal at 5 PM. A long day for sure, but everyone handled it well. B snapped as we were on the outskirts of Montreal but hey, we would have expected it on the outskirts of say Fredericksburg.

After checking in, we walked down to Vieux Montreal (Old Montreal) to eat dinner and sightsee. It was beautiful down there. Then we put the kids to bed and H's mom stayed in the room with them while J and H went to the Casino de Montreal. J won 8$ (the Quebecois put the dollar sign after the number so when in Montreal, do as the Montrealers do) so it was a big night.

This year, J would like to recap each night with a feature called "What did we learn today" so here is Day 1's report.

1. Delaware is still a lame state. That state is eternally under construction. It was the only state where we encountered any significant traffic congestion.

2. The closest Metro (that's what Montreal calls the subway) stop to our hotel involves walking through the Red Light district. Good thing we didn't have the kids with us at that point. Imagine the horror, "Daddy, what does that word mean?"

3. The Metro system changed it's name from STCUM (pronounce it with a silent T for fun) to STM.

4. Overnight paving seems like a good idea as long as it is not on the street right below your hotel room window. Nothing like construction trucks backing up all night beeping.

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