Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Grand Return of J's Road Sign Mania

The wait is over! Back by popular demand, here are the road signs. Enjoy!
Circles and Ovals
Delaware on top. New Jersey on bottom. New Jersey adds a nice black background to their circle sign.

Squares and Rectangles

Clearly, the most popular shape of state route sign on the trip. From the top, they go Maryland, Maine, Massachusetts (2 times including the first one which is in the long "Big Dig' tunnel), and Rhode Island. Connecticut is also a square (rectangle for 3 digit routes) but we were in Connecticut after the camera broke.

Creative State Route Signs
On top is New York state with a fun shape that I really don't know how to describe. It's abstract like Wisconsin. Also, notice how wide the numbers are on the New York sign. On bottom is New Hampshire. Clearly, this is the best of the bunch with the silhouette of the "Old Man of the Mountain" that I discussed in a previous post. Perhaps now NH should change their sign to a pile of rocks to show what the Old Man looks like now.


Vermont gets its own category because they couldn't seem to decide what their sign should be. Some signs had an oval, some signs had a circle, and a few had the unique white and green sign that said Vermont on it.

We finish the road sign mania with the Canadian province of Quebec. The first sign contains both the blue autoroute (like a US interstate) sign and the green provincial (like a state route) road sign. The second sign is a close up of the blue autoroute sign. I photographed the third sign because the sign was blue for no apparent reason. The fourth sign is a classic. And the fifth sign shows how fast you can drive in Quebec.

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