Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day 6 - Maine to Rhode Island

The weather continues to be a bit fresh outside (that was the quote from the British Airways pilot when H and J arrived in London in 2001). It was in the high 50's in Maine and off-and-on rain showers. Fortunately, the showers were off when we started our day with a walk along Wells Beach in Maine. All of us decided to test the water with our feet and it was really cold. H, B, & H's mom walked down the beach looking for seashells. J and Z stayed in one spot for because Z kept throwing the rocks he found on the sand back into the ocean. B found a few seashells but she put them down at some point on the walk back to the car so we ended up only taking back 2 seashells.

After the beach, we went to Kennebunkport which was a very cute, little town. Kennebunkport is not to be confused with Kennebunk, which was a very lame little town.

Then we started the drive down to Rhode Island. The beauty of New England is that you can travel 3 hours and pass through 4 states. The trip down to Rhode Island took us right through the Big Dig in Boston where Interstate 93 is underground with exits underground for about 5 miles. It was fascinating. I took pictures but oh yes, we are still having camera issues.

We arrived in the Middletown/Newport, RI area around 6 PM and just chilled for the rest of the night. This was the day that I, for one, really hit the wall.

Now onto the nightly feature of what did we learn today.

1. Don't be afraid of restaurants with weird names. We ate lunch at the Wells House of Pizza and Roast Beef (pizza and roast beef go together like all Canadian food and gravy) and it was some of the best pizza we had ever eaten.

2. Dunkin Donuts coffee is much, much stronger than Starbucks Coffee. The coffee kind of overpowered the caramel flavor in H's drink and the coconut flavor in my drink.

3. The Wendy's clerk in Middletown, Rhode Island where we are staying did not know the difference between a lobster and a crab. Z showed her his Maine lobster (remember the saga with that yesterday) and she said, "What a cute crab." Z quickly corrected her.

4. The beaches in Maine were much smaller than say Virginia Beach or the Outer Banks. There was very little sand and in some spots, just rocks.

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