Thursday, June 25, 2009

Charleston, SC

We woke up to a thunderstorm, thinking that we might have to scrap the city completely, even after driving out of the way to get there. Luckily, it stopped raining by the time we were ready to checkout. We drove down to the Battery area of the city with picturesque views of the water and beautiful, huge plantation-style houses. After parking in the French Quarter, we stopped and walked for awhile, seeing the Old Custom House building (from the outside… didn’t think the kids would handle even a short tour at that point) among other historic homes (some of the neatest with lanterns burning out front), buildings, and churches and stopping to read some of the historical markers along the way. H found the old gravestones fascinating… J thought that was morbid. We also passed a lot of art galleries… guess we didn’t go far enough for the shopping district, although it was so early when we first got there that most wouldn’t have been open. By 11:30am, we were all ready to head for home. On the way out, we had our first Starbucks of the trip (why is it that when you go north, they are all over the interstates, and when you travel south, you rarely see them?).

(written by H)

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