Friday, June 12, 2009

Savannah, GA

We left home at almost 4am this morning. J drove a whopping almost 4 hours before we stopped (incredible since H is pregnant and there are two relatively small kids in the car... luckily, they went back to sleep once we got on the road!). We only stopped one other time before arriving in Savannah... so that the kids could get out of the car and run for a few minutes because Z's leg was hurting him from so much sitting (these are NOT kids that are used to sitting still!). Once in Savannah (about 11am, people... that's why we always leave so early!), we ate lunch at an awesome old pirate haunt, The Pirate's House. The building was preserved incredibly well, the artifacts were interesting, and the food was good. The kids received pirate hats to wear and said a lot of "argh"s while we waited for our food. After lunch, we took a trolley tour of Savannah. We had no idea it was such a small town. The city was one of few that was not burned by the Union in the Civil War, so there were many old houses still standing (build a brick house if you don't already have one... it should hold up at least 150 years). Although I couldn't really see spending more than a weekend here, there were a lot of shops by the river, and walks through the neighborhoods and many museums would be a relaxing time. Not fabulously, the heat index was about 105, so we roasted. Z proclaimed the tour boring and slept through a lot of it (totally zonked because of getting up so early), while B kept standing up on the seat (luckily we were in the back of the trolley) and seemingly tried to fall out of the window (she didn't). So much for encouraging them to learn the histories of the places we visit. We arrived in St. Augustine, FL around 5pm and will be visiting the Nation's Oldest City for a couple of hours in the morning before heading to the only place the kids want to go on our trip.

H signing off for now (that's right... my first blog post since Chicago two years ago, I think!).

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