Saturday, June 19, 2010

San Francisco June 9-10, 2010

- A’s 1st big vacation (yeah!)
- Our first stop was the Crookedest Street. H drove this time because J did 6 years ago
- Next: Golden Gate Bridge (fun fact - the color of the bridge is International Orange)
- Dinner at a California institution – In & Out Burger which B referred to the next day as Out-N-Burger
- Then we went to Pier 39 to celebrate the return of the sea lions and to ride the carousel
- We started next morning going to the Aquarium of the Bay – kids got Burger King crown-like shark hats. There was a cool walk-through tube exhibit showing life in the SF bay (included lots of starfish and even sharks).
- Next, we went on a Bay Cruise. Every SF tour tries to get you to buy additional tours once you leave the tour you are on. We were taken under the GG bridge and around Alcatraz Island (who knew it wasn’t just one building, as it looks from shore?).
- We enjoyed lunch at a place called Wipeout Bar & Grill - "Good night and big balls."
- Kids got free sourdough bread shaped like turtles at Boudin Bread Factory just for telling the breadmaker that they liked the turtle shapes best (they had many other animal shapes as well)
- Coit Tower – scariest, oldest elevator ever (but not smallest), place to buy tickets was a gift shop that could have been on the show Hoarders, great views from top of the tower
- Ghirardelli Soda Fountain offered incredibly overpriced sundaes but you could see how they made chocolate, which was incredibly cool to H and the kids. J could have cared less.
- B spent much of the first 2 days wanting to go home, then some random guy in a store on a street in Fisherman’s Wharf gave her a flower balloon which made her happy
- Then it popped and she screamed all through the cable car line and ride that she wanted another balloon. J wanted to scream at the banjo player serenading everyone in line singing such classics as Pop Goes the Weasel while begging for money
- 9.5% sales tax, ouch!

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