Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sonoma Valley/Redwoods/Crescent City: June 11-12, 2010

- Drove through Sonoma County (Wine Country), stopped at Kunde Family Estate to get CA wine and take a tour of their wine cave, old guy from MA kept asking ridiculous questions to our guide such as “where’s the Smothers Brothers winery?”
- Cave had thousands of barrels and cave had a wonderful wine aroma, cave also would have been a great place to play hide and seek. On the back wall, you could also see the layers of rock that had formed over many thousands of years, which fascinated Z.
- Drove on Avenue of the Giants to see CA redwood trees, so tall and so thick at the bottom, it was a sunny day but it fairly dark in the woods because of all the trees. It was fun to watch Z and B climbing in, around, and through the trees. Even A sat on a redwood!
- Nature called for J on the drive and with no available bathrooms close by, J “watered” a redwood which was hilarious for Z and B
- US 101 in No Cal is very curvy, this will become a big problem later
- Dinner at McDonald’s in Fortuna was lame, punk middle schoolers loitering, Z’s stomach started to bother him
- About 40 miles from Crescent City, Z threw up in the car, not fun for anyone. H gladly left the bag by the side of the road. She hated littering, but there was no chance that was going back in the car.
- Arrived in Crescent City around 10PM (11 hours after we left SF) and promptly went to bed
- We went to the coastline the next morning, very rocky coast, Pacific Ocean was pretty (much different from the Atlantic)
- We also took a few minutes to take A's 8 month pictures by the ocean.
- In addition to being rocky, there was a lot of broken wood around and Z got a splinter which H removed after considerable whining from Z. H deemed this part of the trip “Mommy cleans up Z’s messes”.

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