Friday, August 17, 2012

J's Road Sign Mania is Back and Better Than Ever

(written by J)

This was a great trip for quality road signs.  Without further adieu, let's begin.


Excellent use of the state shape as their state route sign.

This sign is rather generic.


The least imaginative of the state route signs.


Another good use of the state outline as their state route sign.  Also, notice how on the interstate sign that the outline of Louisiana is white but on the actual route marker, it is green and says "LA."


Texas had lots of fun different kinds of roads and signs.  Here's the sign for a Farm to Market Road.

Notice how on the interstate, the Farm to Market Road sign is just a rectangle with "F.M." on it.

Here's the regular Texas state route sign.

Here's a sign with both a Loop road sign and the regular Texas state route sign.  On the interstate, they place Texas above the number and on the actual route marker, Texas is below the number.  Very interesting.

Texas is a big state.  Only 857 miles to El Paso from this point in Eastern Texas.


Once again, great use of the state outline for their state route sign.  Also, Arkansas puts the state name and uses small numbering for pretty much all of their interstate signs that we saw.

Look, it's Arkansas Route 1 to the Bth power.


This sign was at a weird angle but it is the primary state route sign of Tennessee.  Underneath the route number is the state outline with "Tennessee" inside it.

This is Tennessee's secondary state route sign.  It is totally different looking than the primary sign. 

This concludes the latest edition of J's road sign mania.  I hope that it brings joy to your day.

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