Friday, August 10, 2012


When you cross into a state and see that the first exit is number 880, it's a bit daunting, even if you aren't going that far. Seeing that the speed limit is 75 makes it a little better.

Houston. Traffic. Is. Insane.

Nothing about it makes sense to me.

We got to town mid-afternoon, so there were a lot of cars since it was getting closer to rush hour, but the roads that require use of an electronic pass to use and the frontage roads (I had never heard that term before and hope to never hear it again) make no sense.

We didn't really plan to go to Houston early in our trip planning. It was really just a stop to break up the New Orleans to San Antonio drive. J decided that since the Nationals were playing the Astros, it was a sign that we should go to a game.

Apparently Houston residents didn't see that sign because there were probably less than 8000 people at the game.

Our seats gave us very pretty sunset views (yay for the roof being closed on a hot day!), and MM was a nice park. Too bad more people didn't take advantage of it!

Forgot to mention the Texas barbecue that we had for dinner. It just wasn't my style. I'm a NC barbeque girl forever!

I went to San Antonio as a child, so I was excited to go back the next day. We went straight to the Alamo, which had way more detail than I remember. It was neat to see some actual relics from some of the heroes of that battle. The kids were also fascinated by the cactuses and cannons.

Naturally, we had to have Mexican food for lunch.

Our hotel was on the riverwalk, so we decided to go on a riverboat cruise, which was awesome. The driver showed us some great sights and was funny to boot.

The hotel, by the way... AWESOME. One of the best hotels I've ever stayed in. I love that they not only provide breakfast but also dinner. It was just hot dogs, mac n cheese, and salad-type things, but what a great perk!

We randomly realized when taking the kids to the rooftop pool that our hotel had amazing views of the city, so we had to go up to the Terrace deck a few times to take it all in.

Texas day 2 was probably one of our favorites, though most tiring, of the trip. We planned two very big activities and fit it all into 9 very fast hours.

I didn't think we could go to Texas without going to a ranch, and we happened to find one, The Enchanted Springs Ranch, that also had a old west town. It was beyond cool to walk through the town and go on a covered wagon ride to see zebras, buffalo, kangaroos, Texas Longhorns, and more.

The second part of the day, we spent at Sea World. We took Z & B on the 3 big rides that they were tall enough for (only one could they not ride), had A spent a lot of time in the Sesame Street area (including a show, rides, and character meet and greet... boy was she starstruck), and saw the Shamu and Beluga Whale shows. The Beluga show had high-divers and synchronized swimming, which compeltely baffled J, but the rest of us found very cool because of the Olympics.

We've had fun looking at all of the Mexican license tags in Texas... maybe J will share pics of those in his road sign post.

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