Friday, August 10, 2012


Holy bridges, Batman.

Going to New Orleans and leaving were the longest bridges I've ever been on. They really should warn you about the long amount of time before you hit land again so that you know how paranoid to be if you can't swim, like me.

Our first day (late afternoon/evening really) in the city, we planned to go on a ferry ride across the river, where I read there was a little neighborhood undamaged by Katrina with shops, cafes, and great views of New Orleans. Once we walked down to the Riverfront, though, it was clear the only thing across the river was a former? factory and not much of anything.

Isn't the internet supposed to be right about everything?

We were all tired from the drive the day before anyway, so we just took in the views from our side of the river and picked up Cajun food- 2 kinds of gumbo, a po-boy, and alligator balls.

Z didn't feel well this night or the next... I'll leave it at that. It wouldn't be a trip for us if someone was under the weather at some point.

Sunday was great. We went on a trolley ride that started in the French Market, which we were told was a 15 minute walk. It was more like twice that and the trolley was initially hiding from us, but whatever. We still made it on time. The owner of the trolley was onboard and is a New Orleans native, as was the driver, so we got a great overview of the city. I love the architecture here... I don't think there's anywhere else in this country like it.

After the tour, we bought pralines and beads, and beignets and coffee from Cafe du Monde.

We then went across Jackson Square to the Presbytere, which had exhibits on Hurricane Katrina and Mardi Gras. The kids learned a lot and were very interested in the first and loved the fun of the second. We took our time going back to the hotel afterwards, looking in shop windows, watching carriages, and just enjoying the city.

After Mass that night, J and H went back to the French Quarter for a drink and ended up back at the hotel before 9:30. How unlike the last time I was here. I'm feeling very old now.

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