Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Day 1: Richmond to Louisville

We left Richmond this morning about 5am and arrived at hotel in Louisville around 4:30pm... stopped 4 times, 5 times?

Our rental van, a brand-new (30 miles to it when we picked it up!) Grand Caravan is AWESOME. I swore never to be a mini-van mom, but I see why so many people love them. It drives great and is bigger than our Highlander, but it doesn't feel huge. BUT, we stopped to fill up the 1/4 full tank and paid $51 and change. Gotta love high gas rates. I miss vacationing in September...

The kids are LOVING that we bought a portable DVD player. They watched a Veggie Tales DVD today and have already requested Curious George for tomorrow. Z has discovered the hidden games that come on DVDs, so whenever we watch a DVD, it lasts forever because he wants to do all of the games. Usually we have to cut him off.

As always, the short time that we were on I-81 was one of the heaviest for traffic. The drive from Lexington (VA) through West Virginia was great, though (and, Charleston had WAY bigger houses than I thought existed in WV).

Kentucky was boring for the most part with little to see. Oh, and we heard an anti-Catholic "commercial" on the radio... somehow I wasn't surprised.

After checking in at the hotel (and manuvering around the crazy Louisville beltway in pre-rush hour traffic), we went to the Waterfront Park (along the Ohio river between KY and Indiana), where they have several playgrounds for kids. Z and B couldn't have loved it more after sitting in the car all day.

They are still awake singing and talking to each other and themselves because J and I won't talk to them anymore... hopefully they'll be asleep soon.

Prayers for Papa... even though we're here, our hearts are with him.

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