Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Day 7: Chicago

I still love Chicago. B has been saying "Chicago!" all day.

We took the El back down to the Sears Tower to jump on a guided city tour on a double-decker bus. I hate looking like a total tourist, but it's nice to relax and let someone tell you the important things while driving you around, too. We were able to see the Trump building in progress (that Bill Rancic from the Apprentice was project managing... we thought it was weird that the tour guide didn't even mention that!). The only place we jumped off to see more was Navy Pier, part museum and part amusement park with some small stores thrown in. We all rode the ferris wheel, and B later rode the carousel while Z wanted to play mini-golf. We also took them to the Children's Museum, which I think Z had a great time in... B was so exhausted that she slept through half of our time there. J mentioned that he was bored, and I said of course he is because it's a CHILDREN'S museum.

After the tour, we treated ourselves to Jamba Juice, which we last had in LA... if Jamba Juice was in Richmond, I think I would abandon Starbucks.

We ate at a great neighborhood noodle place tonight, and we have to pack up to move on (again!) tomorrow morning.

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