Saturday, June 9, 2007

Day 4: St. Louis to Minneapolis

We left St. Louis around 7am this morning and arrived in Minneapolis around 4:30pm.

The roads that we took through Iowa were pretty much... you should have guessed it... corn fields. Minnesota was much more populated. I really slacked off on the driving today. J did about 400 miles compared to my 100 or so. I couldn't do it without my Starbucks, and there were none on our route between St. Louis and Minnesota. There are some here, though, thank goodness!

We walked around the downtown area here in Minneapolis. There is an outdoor mall and Skyways that connect many of the buildings on the second level, above the street but enclosed from any bad weather they might be having [not today, though... it's HOT here!].

We're hopefully sleeping in a bit tomorrow before church. Fingers crossed that the kids do...

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