Thursday, June 7, 2007

Day 2: Louisville to St. Louis

MThat looks funny... I only just realized both cities are named for Louises.

Before we left Louisville this morning, we went on a tour of the Louisville Slugger factory and musuem. In the beginning, Z only wanted the free mini bat that came at the end of the tour, but once he saw the machines that carved the wood onto bats, I didn't think he was going to want to leave.

We left Louisville around 10:15am and arrived in St. Louis about 2:30pm Central time. J was VERY disappointed that there wasn't a road sign denoting the change in time (more on his road sign mania later). From what we saw of Indiana, it's a wonder that IT isn't the state most known for corn. OH, and the winds while we were driving today were crazy. We stopped at one of the very few exits that had signs of life and paid a ridiculous $3.29/gallon for gas (which actually DROPPED 10 cents while we were eating lunch next door).

The kids are obsessed with the Arch (and a crane that is visible from our hotel room window). Every time they have seen it so far, a loud "ARCH" comes from the back seat of the van. Our hotel is just down from the Arch, so this has happened several times. We're staying right beside of the dome where the St. Louis Rams play, and Busch Stadium is across the street from the Arch.

Way back when we decided that St. Louis would be a stop on this trip, I knew that I wanted to make time to go by the Mary Engelbreit store here because it's the only one left (there was one at Tysons Corner until 2000 or so). There were signs posted in the store today that it's closing on Sunday for good, so I'm glad that we made it here when we did!

After the mall, we went to the St. Louis Walk of Fame in an area of town near Washington University that reminds us a lot of Carytown. The Walk of Fame is similar to the Hollywood WOF, but it honors famous people of all kinds that were either born here or lived here at some point. Bob Costas, Harry Carey, Ulysses Grant, and Maya Angelou were some of the names that we saw.

We went to Union Station for dinner and ate at a Key West Cafe, where I was very excited to get a Cuban sandwich, which I've only ever had in Miami. J had barbecued tuna (all together now... ewwww. I'm probably the only one that thought that.).

The kids are already asleep... woohoo, but they got to bed an hour past their bedtime technically since they were still kind of on Eastern time.

That's all for tonight... pictures of the Arch tomorrow. Goodnight.

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