Sunday, June 10, 2007

Day 5: Minneapolis

So, the kids slept in until about 7:30... not too bad.

We went to Mass at 10am (apparently the key to them being great in church is having $7 sticker books for each of them!) and then went to the Mall of America- the largest mall in the U.S., complete with an amusement park, aquarium, and wedding chapel! It's 4 stories, and we saw 95% of it. We skipped the partial 4th floor because we were exhausted after being there for more than 6 hours. The amusement park is much smaller than Kings Dominion, but they have a lot packed in there... we were in that area for about 3 hours. Z's favorite ride was the Ferris Wheel (but by his reaction, I would have actually guessed it was the Log Flume), and B's favorite was the Carousel. The top of the Ferris Wheel was 4 stories up, which gave a great view of the rest of the park. The scariest few minutes of the day was when the kids were riding the planes, and we thought for sure B was going to get out of her seat belt and fall. We didn't buy much... a few melts at Yankee Candle since they were having a sale and a few souvenirs. I would have spent a lot in the scrapbooking store but decided I probably shouldn't.

My feet hurt... I'm off to take a shower and go to sleep soon!

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