Monday, June 11, 2007

Day 6: Minneapolis to Chicago

I think we only threatened to fly home once today... Today's was a 6+ hour drive, and the kids had pretty much had it by the time B threw her blanket into the very back of the van and had to wait 10 minutes until we pulled off to get it for her.

Chicago is AWESOME, though. Of course, I'm a city girl anyway. Buildings, trains, people, 3 Starbucks within a few blocks of us... woohoo! We arrived about 4pm (our hotel is a mile from Wrigley Field) and took the El to the Sears Tower, which we MOSTLY all enjoyed (ahem... B). Z was a big fan of looking out of the telescopes and hitting buttons on the computers that tell about what you are seeing. Luckily, because it was late afternoon, it wasn't at all crowded.

Oh- and thank GOODNESS the hotel has valet parking... once we were within 20 miles of the city (of course, we're used to that because of D.C.), it was gridlock, and the area around our hotel is packed with cars.

6 days down, 4 to go...

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