Wednesday, June 13, 2007

J's state route sign mania returns

(written by J)

I know I said that I would post more sign mania Saturday or Sunday, but I just didn't feel the creative juices flowing then. Also, we've been in many more states since the first post so this will be a thorough analysis in which I will declare one state the winner of the best state route sign. Now on with the show.

Missouri - Finally a state with creativity. I'm so sick of squares and circles so it was a thrill to see them actually use their state shape as their sign. And it's not an easy shape to draw so they get bonus points for that. Of course a few miles down the road, we saw a county route sign which was a square. But they use letters for county routes instead so that was slightly intriguing.

Iowa - A circle. Fantastic! Don't hold your breath, Iowa. You will not win the contest.

Minnesota - It is a square but I was truly fascinated by it. It says Minnesota, has the state outline and it is blue. Simple but yet so effective.

Wisconsin - I have no idea what shape their sign is. Let's just call it an abstract. On a side note, Wisconsin takes their cheese very seriously as you can see by the picture above which says "Cheese" in huge letters.

Michigan - They chose a diamond which is different and different is good. The "M" above the number is a nice touch as well.

Ohio - Like Missouri, they use the state outline. I really like the state outlines. I also really enjoy how on this sign, the 3 digit Ohio route number is fatter than the 2 digit Ohio route number.

And now the grand champion is ... Minnesota. The blue sign is just so original and I'm a big fan of it.
I hope you enjoyed this mania. If not, I apologize for the time of your life that you will never get back by reading this.

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